Vaping Curriculum for Schools


Many schools continue to battle the teen vaping craze.  We need to educate our students to help them make healthy choices, but we have to do it by delivering important and relatable information in a dynamic way that will engage and educate.  This curriculum does just that.

This research based curriculum not only teaches your students who is behind the vaping industry and how they are getting played.  They will learn about not only the latest studies and potential health effects, but also how social and emotional experiences can play a giant role in their decision-making around vaping.

Age Appropriate

There are multiple versions of this curriculum so that the information and activities are appropriate for your students.  We have curriculum for Elementary school (grade 5-6), Middle School, and High School level students.

This curriculum can be stand alone, or you can simply take certain information and activities from within this course and plug them into your existing lesson plan.


Want curriculum for multiple schools, on multiple topics, or to include parent resources?

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Vaping Awareness Curriculum for Elementary Schools


Vaping Awareness Curriculum for Middle Schools

Vaping Awareness Curriculum for High Schools

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