Welcome to the Seeing Through the Vapor curriculum for Middle Schools!  This turnkey, interactive, and edutaining curriculum is designed to engage and educate your middle school students. Through the information in this course, your students will be given the knowledge to make their own informed healthy decisions. 

Get ready to learn:

  • Who’s actually behind vaping
  • Marketing and why they are targeting youth
  • Potential health effects
  • Perceptions vs Realities of vaping THC
  • Social influences (Looking up to siblings and/or upper classman, peers, situations)
  • Emotional influences (stress, life challenges, etc.)
  • Life tools to make healthy choices

1 Rule… No Zoning!

This course uses interactive age appropriate activities, videos, magic, illusions, and more to help make your learning fun!  You also have to pay attention so that you can pass the quizzes, or as I like to call them… learning check points.  You have to pass all the quizzes to receive the certificate of completion at the end!

Course Curriculum

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Since 2004 speaker and "edutainer" Robert Hackenson Jr. has been on a mission to engage and educate. His belief is that you will learn more if the material is delivered in a more captivating and entertaining fashion. Robert has now taken his edutaining experiences from the stage to online courses.
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