Virtual Presentations, Online Curriculum, and Courses for Schools

Now you can bring edutainment to your students and community anytime and from anywhere!

Virtual presentation options include both interactive LIVE streaming or On-Demand  presentation options on a number of topics and for different grade levels.  This flexibility allows you to work around your teachers schedules with no or limited class disruption.  Your students can tune in to a live-stream and watch from their classroom or from the comfort  and safety of their home, or with the on-demand option, students can watch and participate from anywhere at anytime.

Online Curriculum and Courses go beyond the virtual presentation and provide additional interactive videos, lessons, and activities that you can either use as a stand along curriculum or plug into existing curriculum.


Want curriculum for multiple schools, on multiple topics, or to include parent resources?

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On-Demand Virtual Presentations

Now your students can be edutained anytime from anywhere they have an internet connection! With the on-demand presentation there are 2 options available for you. (and when you purchase the on-demand you get access to both).

1st Option: There is a full recorded presentation that the students can all watch together in the classroom (play on a smart board or large screen in the front of the class)

2nd Option: The full presentation broken down into short segment. Students can access this on their computer, tablet, our phone. They watch the video and answer a couple questions. Once they answer the questions correctly they move onto the next video. Once all the videos are watched and all the questions are answered correctly, they are issued a certificate of completion. This option is great if you want the students to watch the presentation on their own, whether it’s in school or at home.

Not Your Typical Lecture

This is way more than a just a recording of a lecture.  Each presentation uses a multi-camera setup, has been edited, and is infused with humor, illusions, mind games, magic, and more, to keep your students engage while delivering the important lessons. 

Virtual Presentation Topics


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Online Curriculum and Courses

Interactive and edutaining curriculum designed to engage and educate your students.  The curriculum is infused with fun class activities and assignments, humor, illusions, mind games, and magic to keep your students engage.  The curriculum was designed to be either stand alone or can pick certain parts out and plug it into your existing curriculum.    

Curriculum Topics

Redemption Courses


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About Dynamic Influence

Since 2004 speaker and "edutainer" Robert Hackenson Jr. has been on a mission to engage and educate. His belief is that you will learn more if the material is delivered in a more captivating and entertaining fashion. Robert has now taken his edutaining experiences from the stage to online courses.
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