The purpose of this site is to provide access to fun and interactive on-demand presentations and curriculum that have been designed to both engage and educate students.  Having the information on the site allows for easy updates to the information and activities, and allows for automation to make the process simple and save teachers time.

NOTE: This site has been designed to work in addition to (not in place of) your existing learning management system.

The Different Solutions for Schools

On-demand Presentations are designed for students to take independently, keep their attention, and provide validation by being awarded a certificate of completion after completing all the videos and answering all the questions correctly.

Curriculum is designed to be either a standalone curriculum or you can choose certain lessons/assignments/activities to plug into your existing curriculum.

Vaping Redemption courses have been designed for schools to help educate students that were caught vaping.  Instead of suspension or detention, students have to go through this course as a way to avoid or lesson their punishment.

The 3 User Types

Admin: This is the administrator(s) for your school/group. The admin are the only ones that can invite teachers and students (Teachers can only invite students, not other teachers). The Admin can also create classes and invite teachers and students to these classes. They can also access student progress, grades, and certificates of completion.

Moderator: The moderator is a teacher. They can create classes and invite members/students to the classes (they can’t invite other teachers). They can also access student progress, grades, and certificates of completion.

Member: This is a student. They can access the virtual presentation/curriculum assigned to their school/group. They can not invite anyone to the group or classes. They can view their own progress, grades, and certificates of completion.


General FAQ


Changing your password is easy.  Look for your user name in the top right side of the web page and click on it.  A drop down menu will appear, and at the bottom of the drop down menu, click on settings.  From this page you can change your password.

Not that you would ever want to cancel, but if you were done, we don’t offer refunds. however you can simply choose not to renew your subscription at the end of your

By canceling your subscription, you are simply preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date

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