What’s your cancelation policy?

All purchases are final and nonrefundable. That said, if you choose, you can cancel your annual subscription(s) at any time before their next renewal date to prevent the subscription from renewing. There is no cancellation fee.  

By canceling your subscription, you are simply preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date

How do I add teachers and students to my school/organization’s group?

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are happy to answer any questions or set up a call.  You can email questions to info@dynamicinfluence.com 🙂


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Since 2004 speaker and "edutainer" Robert Hackenson Jr. has been on a mission to engage and educate. His belief is that you will learn more if the material is delivered in a more captivating and entertaining fashion. Robert has now taken his edutaining experiences from the stage to online courses.
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