Welcome to a research based, dynamic, fun, and edutaining curriculum will engage and educate your middle school students!  Through these interactive lessons and activities your students will learn about the social, emotional, and physical risks they face through social media and other digital technology.

What this curriculum covers:

  • Screentime and mental wellness
  • Social media anxiety
  • Communication & miscommunication in a digital age
  • Cyber bullying
  • Meeting people online
  • Posting too much personal information
  • Online challenges
  • Sexting
  • Your digital footprint and reputation


  • Deliver relevant, research based information in relatable way
  • Provide dynamic and interactive learning experiences to make learning fun
  • Make the content easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms or online as a stand alone curriculum or by taking pieces and plugging them into their existing lesson plans.

Materials needed 

  • Access to computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone
  • Paper & writing utensil


Steps to check student understanding

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Class discussion
  • Completion of educational games and activities

Course Groups

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Since 2004 speaker and "edutainer" Robert Hackenson Jr. has been on a mission to engage and educate. His belief is that you will learn more if the material is delivered in a more captivating and entertaining fashion. Robert has now taken his edutaining experiences from the stage to online courses.
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