In this fast paced digital world it can be very difficult and overwhelming to stay up-to-date with what our kids, tweens, and teens are doing online. What do you need to know as a parent? What rules should you have in place? How can I stay up-to-date? Well… we are here to help! This course is conducted by internationally recognized speaker and edutainer Robert Hackenson Jr. who travels around the world talking to student and parents on navigating around digital and social media land mines.

Get ready to learn about the Social Media Land Mines teens/tweens face and what you can do as a parent to help your child to navigate around them.  You’ll learn about:

– Screen time, mental health and what you need to know and do.
– Technology’s effect on communication & miscommunication
– Cyber bullying / hateful posting and what you can do as a parent
– Cyber predators – who they often target, how they work, what you can do as a parent.
– Sexting – what is it, what the numbers show, why it’s done, what you can teach your kids
– Digital profile – online reputation
– Tips, tricks, and resources to help you parent in a digital age

Ready. Set. Let’s Do This!

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  • $25.00 per year

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Since 2004 speaker and "edutainer" Robert Hackenson Jr. has been on a mission to engage and educate. His belief is that you will learn more if the material is delivered in a more captivating and entertaining fashion. Robert has now taken his edutaining experiences from the stage to online courses.
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