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What can schools do if they catch a student vaping? Punitive actions can work as a deterrent, but some teens don’t see the risk associated with vaping, and others are addicted. By definition, those who are addicted will continue to use despite harmful consequences. Instead, give them a chance to redeem and educate themselves through Vaping Redemption!

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This course allows your students to learn the truth behind vaping. The goals is for those teens that don’t see the risks will be engaged and educated on the truth behind vaping. Those that are addicted will also see the truth on how they are being played, the risks, why they should choose to quit now instead of later, and given the best game plan towards quitting.

This course can be used in addition to other punitive actions, OR as an alternative to harsher penalty or fine. Some school will also require the student and their parent to take the course together.  (If the parent is willing)

Purchasing this course give access to all schools within your district for an unlimited amount of students for 1 whole year!



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