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We hear a lot about the explosion of teen vaping in the media these days.  We hear about vaping nicotine, THC, etc. and there is a lot of contradicting information available.  Where did this information come from?  What’s the truth?  How did we get here?  As a parent, what should you know?  What resources are available to help?  This course walks you through how the vaping craze started, provides you with the vital information you need as a parent to navigate the vaping world and the resources to help you help your child.

Robert Hackenson Jr. is the leading vaping awareness speaker and edutainer in the country and this course brings this vital information to your fingertips.  In addition to this you receive helpful parenting tips/tricks and resources and you are always up to date with the latest information because we update the information as new studies and developments are revealed.

Topics Covered

– How and why the teen vaping craze started
– Latest studies of effects of vaping
– How nicotine effects the teenage brain
– What you can do to help prevent your child from vaping
– How to know if your child is vaping
– What you can do if you find that your child is vaping
– Parental resources
– FAQs
Bonus:  Vaping Marijuana
– The new era of vaping marijuana
– Marijuana’s effect on a teenage developing brain
– Parental resources

Annual Access = Staying up-to-date

There are constantly new studies and new information being published.  As the information comes out and is verified, we update it here.  That means with the annual subscription you will always have the latest information at your finger tips!
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