Welcome to this dynamic, interactive curriculum on substance awareness and positive decision-making.  This curriculum was designed to either be a stand alone curriculum, go along with the Sober Thoughts presentation (virtual or live), or be plugged into your existing curriculum.

The Content

More than just focusing on the negative effects of teen substance use and abuse, this curriculum also focuses on the social and emotional challenges as well as other life obstacles that lead some students to use these substances to cope with or escape from these challenges.

Our goal is to have your students explore the external influences, to dissect the messages they receive, and understand the different social and emotional influences (both internal and external) that can effect their decision-making.  With this knowledge, they will understand why it’s necessary to develop the skills and tools necessary in their life tool box to deal with the challenging situations they will face.

This curriculum was designed to engage and educate your students on:

  • How and why we made decisions
  • Pressures and outside influences
  • How to view failure differently
  • Changing their perspective with boredom and stress
  • Retraining the brain to find and hold onto happiness
  • How to focus on what you can control when things go wrong
  • The myth behind alternatives like THC and Vaping
  • Taking on the responsibility to build their life.


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Course Curriculum

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