Bulk User Upload Sample

Add users to your school/organization's group

Instructions to create and upload users in bulk

Ready to add people to your school/organizations group or to your class?  Simple!  Below are the instructions or for an easy visual, check out the image of the sample csv file below.

Step 1:  Start with an excel file.

Step 2: In cell A1 enter “Email”  then in cell B1 enter “Teacher,” and in cell C1 enter “School.

Step 3:  Add the emails of those you want to invite to the group in column A under “Email.”  The administrator in charge of adding other teachers, but they can also teach classes themselves.  If you want to add someone as an administrator, in the same row as their email, put a “1” in the administrator column.  To add someone as a teachers, simply put a “1” in the “Moderator” column, and  for students, put a “0” in both columns.

Download sample csv file here


Bulk Upload User Sample

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